I-GTM serves as a platform connecting transportation requests, particularly for school-related journeys, to taxi companies. As a taxi company partnering with I-GTM, this document sets out roles and responsibilities.

Key Points:

  1. Booking Process:
    • I-GTM acts as an introducer, directing transport requests from bookers to taxi companies.
    • The responsibility for carrying out the journey lies with the taxi company that accepts the booking.
  2. Contractual Arrangement:
    • The contract for transportation services is between the booker/passenger and the taxi company directly.
    • I-GTM facilitates the booking process and handles payments
  3. Drivers
    • Ensure drivers are aware of protocols regarding the transport children Under 18.

Obligations of the Transport Partner:

  1. Records and Documentation:
    • Maintain records of drivers’ Enhanced DBS Certificate, license details, insurance and other essential documentation.
    • Provide necessary information about the driver/transport partner to I-GTM upon request.
  2. Compliance and Standards:
    • Operate in accordance with best practices and legislative requirements.
    • Ensure drivers comply with licensing regulations, maintain professionalism, and provide safe service.
  3. Communication and Reporting:
    • Keep I-GTM informed of any circumstances that may affect service provision.
    • Report accidents, incidents, or any issues promptly to the appropriate authorities and I-GTM.
  4. Safeguarding and Conduct:
    • Implement safety measures for minors, including no photography, ensure drop-off only at designated points, and maintain appropriate behavior standards.
    • Dress code, professionalism, and conduct guidelines for drivers must be adhered to strictly.
  5. Safety Arrangements:
    • Follow risk assessments, welfare arrangements, fire safety procedures, and first aid protocols.
    • Ensure familiarity with accident and emergency procedures and report incidents promptly.


The transport partner agrees to indemnify I-GTM against any losses, claims, or damages arising from negligence, misconduct, or breaches of contractual obligations.


By understanding and adhering to these basic guidelines, taxi companies accepting bookings through I-GTM ensure safe, reliable transportation services for passengers, particularly minors, while maintaining professionalism and compliance with regulatory standards.