When a student either arrives early into the UK from overseas, or has a flight out of the country a day or more after term ends, you need to record where they will be during the period in between school and departure from the UK. This requires two separate bookings.

Arriving a day or more early before returning to school

Use the button “Any date not shown above” at the bottom of the date list and select the date the student is flying in to the UK. When asked if this is in lieu of a school travel day, select no – you will book for the official travel day in the next booking.

Enter the destination as the guardian or friend’s address where the student is staying before returning to school and choose the method of travel in the normal way.

Make a separate booking for the official travel day with the origin address as that of the friend or guardian entered in the first booking. Complete the process as normal.

Leaving the country a day or more after school has finished

Follow the process described above and shown in the video but in reverse, i.e. leave school and go to Other UK address, then separately book from Other UK address to the airport for an international flight.