Fare Status Estimated: The system calculates fares using geo-location and a standard rate of £2.21 per mile. This estimate provides a fully inclusive fare per passenger based on the calculated mileage.

Fare Status Quoted: This is the fare provided by the taxi company, inclusive of all system-related costs. The quoted fare, displayed per passenger, includes the base price provided by the taxi supplier. If there are no additional charges such as parking or waiting, this fare will be added to the school bill.

Fare Status Closed: This represents the final bill with no further adjustments. The taxi supplier has finalised the fare, including any extras, and the fully inclusive price per passenger displayed is what will be billed to the school.

Platform Fee: This fee supports the technology required for automated taxi provision.

API Fee: Enables the booking interface with the taxi companies.

Share Code Taxi Pricing: Each booker pays the platform and API fees, which are then added to the final taxi fee and divided among the number of bookers via the share code.

System Ride Share: When booking, the system presents the savings from sharing based on a reference fare including journey cost, API and platform fees. The saving calculation indicates the amount saved compared to a single journey.