The cost of all taxis booked through I-GTM is added to the school bill, removing the need for your child to provide cash or a credit/debit card payment.

If you don’t express a preference for a particular school taxi supplier, the booking will be allocated amongst the school’s roster of regular suppliers and you will be sent all of the details of the supplier who has picked up your booking. The contract is then between you and the taxi company with the added convenience of the fare being added to your school bill.

The price displayed to you will be inclusive of

  • The supplier’s base fare
  • The API connection fee that allows for data to be sent between I-GTM and the supplier
  • Any platform fee that pays for I-GTM to process the booking, including enabling it to be added to the school bill
  • VAT which is a legal obligation to be paid on some or all components of the fare, depending on the VAT status of the supplier
  • Auto amalgamation discovery

I-GTM will display a fully inclusive price to you, along with the saving if it has managed to find you a ride-share. No amalgamation discovery fee is charged for ride shares created by using a share code or between siblings when booked in the same transaction.

A breakdown of individual fees is available in our Terms and Conditions.