This video shows you how to book a taxi through I-GTM and talks through the various parameters and options.

A detailed description of how taxi bookings work

If the school has one approved supplier, the job will be sent to this supplier by default. The charge for the taxi will be added to your school bill.

If the school has more than one supplier and you don’t indicate a supplier preference, the system does the following:

  • Checks to see the distance of the journey. Suppliers are categorised according to their preference for doing long or short-distance journeys.
  • It will pick a category one supplier for the journey you require and send a booking request by email and SMS to that supplier.
  • If the supplier accepts, it’s booked. If they don’t respond after a certain time, or they reject, it cycles to the next tier on supplier.
  • If there are no more tier one suppliers, it goes to a tier two suppler, and so on.
  • If any suppliers are connected to I-GTM via API (our system to their dispatch software) the booking is confirmed and priced entirely automatically and will be trackable on the I-GTM website.