What is ‘Get Me There’?

Instead of fixing a school coach time, ‘Get Me There’ allows parents to request school transport which will then be optimised to take the maximum number of students with the minimum wait times. This will be via coach, minibus or taxi.

Because flight schedules change and students can’t always arrive at the perfect time for the scheduled bus, we have employed technology to work out when the coach or coaches, minibuses and shared taxis should depart to minimise waiting and maximise efficiency and value.

What does it cost?

The target price for all journeys is a low as possible based on ride-share. In exceptional circumstances where there are no ride-shares available due to timing or demand, a solo taxi is the maximum you will be charged.

Where is the departure point?

Where shared travel leaves from an airport with more than one terminal, group travel involving students from different terminals will depart from one nominated terminal. In the case of Heathrow, this is Terminal 3 Arrivals.

In the case of group travel where all students are arriving into the same terminal, the vehicle will leave from that terminal and students will not be required to transfer to a different terminal.

You will be notified of the departure point once vehicles have been allocated.

What if I want to travel with my friend(s)?

If you are on the same flight or arriving into the same terminal at a similar time, just book ‘Get Me There’ and the algorithm should naturally add you to the same vehicle.

If you wish to travel exclusively with another named person or people, don’t use ‘Get Me There’, but book a taxi and use the share code.

What parameters does the ‘Get Me There’ algorithm use?

At Heathrow the system uses the following basic parameters:

TerminalImmigration & baggage timeTransit to T3
Terminal 260 minutes10 minutes
Terminal 360 minutes0
Terminal 460 minutes20 minutes
Terminal 560 minutes30 minutes