In the School Settings card in Config you can manually control the sponsored student listing as follows:

To upload a CSV, click the three dots in the top right of the card. This allows you to upload a sponsored students CSV. The CSV contains four fields as follows: mis_id, isams_id, school_id, is_sponsored.

If the iSAMS ID and the School ID are the same in your configuration, you can disregard the isams_id field. Ensure that the pupil iSAMS ID is in the school_id column.

In the is_sponsored column put 1

Leave the mis_id column blank

If your data is in an Excel spreadsheet, ensure that it is saved as CSV and upload.

Alternatively, if sponsored status is in a custom filed, click to edit the School Settings and enter the field name.

In all cases, you must tick the Manual Sponsorship Control box for the system to use the CSV list or custom field.