I-GTM uses SSO to authenticate users. It uses Microsoft and Google as standard and can optionally use your parent portal sign-in credentials to allow parents access.

Different parent portals require different information. Please use this guide to find the necessary information.


Please obtain an SSO Key from support@iSAMS.com.

You will be asked for the redirect URI which will be the URI of the parent dashboard, e.g. https://yourschoolname.i-gtm.com and the URI the backchannel logout: https://api.i-gtm.com/auth/isamsbackchannel

iSAMS support will provide you with a client_id and a client_secret which can be used to configure iSAMS as an identity provider to your application. To obtain these credentials, you must supply iSAMS with the following information:

* The name of your company and/or application: I-GTM
* The URI a user should be redirected to after successful authentication: https://YOURSCHOOL.i-gtm.com. We can confirm this for you if required.
* The URI a user should be redirected to after logout: https://api.i-gtm.com/auth/isamsbackchannel
* The URI of your backchannel logout implementation; see Single Sign-Out (https://developer.isams.com/isams-developer-documentation/docs/getting-started-single-sign-on#single-sign-out): https://api.i-gtm.com/auth/isamsbackchannel
* The Scopes (https://developer.isams.com/isams-developer-documentation/docs/scopes#isams-identity-scopes) your application requires access to: openid
* The login screens you wish your application to use: Parent Portal, Student Portal, iSAMS
iSAMS generates a Client ID per login screen; e.g. clientid.pportal, clientid.sportal, clientid.isams

My School Portal

We need your My School Portal URL.


We need the Firefly host URL