When I-GTM pulls down the MIS feed it receives a list of school houses, however these are just names and not associated with a physical address. In order to send meaningful instructions to transport partners, the system must be able to geolocate the actual address related to the name. Therefore all school addresses from which students will come and go must be entered.

Please note that this will undoubtedly be all the individual houses, but may also include the main reception, sports hall, and other landmarks around the school campus.

The address name is the friendly name shown to parents and staff to identify the location

What 3 Words is the three word reference found at https://what3words.com and pinpoints the location to a 3m2 area.

The house number or name and the rest of the address fields may be a repeat of the Address name, but should be included as these will be transmitted to taxi companies as the pickup or drop-off location.

Formatted address is only for use in specific use cases and should be ignored.

Please note that the postcode should be accurate as it is used for geolocation.

Once the school addresses have been entered, any houses should be associated with their equivalent in the Houses manager.