I-GTM contains a number of school-specific settings in the School Settings panel.

Min airport wait time on arrival

Minimum landing time before the coach departs. If the student lands too close to the coach departure time, they won’t be offered it as an option.

Min departure wait time

Minimum coach arrival time in advance of the flight departure. If the scheduled coach arrival time at the airport is too close to the aircraft departure time, the coach won’t be offered as an option.

Covid test time

Legacy setting to allow time for a pre-flight Covid test

Imperial walking/driving units

Walking and driving units can be displayed in either metres and kilometres or yards and miles. When the tick-box is checked, units will be Imperial, i.e. yards or miles.

Coach booking cut-off time

The number of hours before the coach departs that the ability to book onto the coach is removed, e.g. 96 hours is 4 days.

Show day pupil filter

Choose whether to show day pupils by default in the main school pupil listing. If this option is deselected, the entire school roll will be shown, regardless of boarding status. If it is checked, only boarders will be shown by default with an option to include day pupils available in the advanced search drawer.

Allow walking options

If the school allows pupils to walk to destinations that are within walking distance, this box should be checked. If it is unchecked, Walking will never be shown as an option.

Allow drop-off and collection options

The destination/origin page of the parent booking form can optionally display Drop-off in person and Collect in Person buttons. If you do not wish to allow these options, please ensure the box is unchecked.

Student bookings enabled

If the school wants students to be able to make their own bookings, this option should be checked. When students book, there is an additional step where they nominate the individual with parental responsibility (as stored in iSAMS/ MIS) who will authorise the booking.

Display UM option

If the school wishes to offer parents the ability to book a Unaccompanied Minor service directly through the system for those flying, this can be enabled here and the option will be displayed to those flying.

Walk to Checkin option

If the school wishes to offer parents the ability to book a Walk to Checkin service directly through the system, on departure only, this can be enabled here and the option will be displayed to those flying.

Manual sponsorship control

iSAMS support for Sponsored students varies from installation to installation. I-GTM allows manual upload of a CSV file of iSAMS ID’s of sponsored students which definitively marks those students in the staff dashboard to better enable monitoring of Sponsored students. The system allows for a CSV upload by clicking the three dots at the top of the School Settings card.

The CSV should have four headers: mis_id, isams_id, school_id is_sponsored

The iSAMS ID should be populated. The is_sponsored field must contain a 1.

Sponsored MIS field

Not yet active.

Meet & Greet option

Specific to certain schools only.

Capture foreign destinations

This option injects an item in the booking form that asks anybody taking a flight what their final overseas address is.

BCC/Test email

Relating to email rules.

BCC: If this address is populated, a blind carbon copy of every email sent from the system will be sent to the this mailbox. All messages are plain text and the space taken is minimal. This is very helpful if you need to refer back in the archive for a specific email.

Test email: When testing email rules, the rule can be set to Test mode, which means that it runs as normal, however the entire output is sent to the email address specified.

Long distance threshold

When the system is handling taxi bookings, it differentiates between local journeys and longer distance. The threshold at which this switches over can be set here. For further information see the separate taxi supp;ier configuration help pages.

Taxi escalation pattern

Has iGo backup

For future use.

Skip quotes on taxi bookings

For future use.