Taxi company responsibilities

To ensure timely and appropriate bookings with qualified drivers and suitable vehicles.

Each booking will be closed within 7 days of completion. Any additional charges, such as parking or waiting fees, must be added promptly. Following automatic closure by the system, additional charges cannot be added.

All communication and coordination between the booker, student, and taxi company is the responsibility of the involved parties. If there are issues such as student lateness or difficulty in locating them, it is the joint responsibility of the taxi company, driver, booker, and student to address.

I-GTM should be only be contacted for system-related matters.

Praise and Complaints

I-GTM will relay both praise and complaints from parents to the respective taxi company. A log will be maintained of comments received.

Each taxi company will be continually evaluated based on the journeys undertaken and any reported issues. The decision to remove a taxi company from the school taxi roster will be jointly made by the school and I-GTM, considering the accumulated feedback and performance assessments.

Price Queries

When price queries are directed to I-GTM, we provide an explanation of the price makeup for each journey through our help page. Customers who enquire about prices will be sent a link to this page, which outlines our services and cost structure.

It is important to note that sharers in the same vehicle may receive different prices. This can occur if some students have used a share code while others are in the same vehicle because of a system-discovered ride-share.