I-GTM connects to iSAMS via the REST API. You will need to contact iSAMS support by email (support@isams.com) and ask for a REST API credentials for I-GTM Ltd.

This will be supplied via a one-time secure link to https://onetimesecret.com.

You will need to know the URI of your iSAMS API host, e.g. yourschool.isams.cloud or similar.

iSAMS administrators can now set permissions on REST API Keys. Please ensure you have set the appropriate permissions for this Integration. I-GTM requires read access to the School Manager, HR and Pupil Manager. This can be set in Control Panel > API Services Manager > REST API Clients.

The iSAMS helpdesk checks that the school has the API Services Manager subscription.  If so, they can send the request straight to the Technical Support team to create the credentials.  If not (or they can’t find the Integrator account), they escalate the request to a manager to process.